Sweden is internationally recognized as a country that has a low level of corruption. The latest survey by Transparency International ranks Sweden as the third least corrupt country in the world. And yet, suspected corruption continues to be reported in the media. Cases are brought before Swedish courts, and people are convicted of bribery.

Corruption exists at all levels of society, and can affect both public and private companies.

We need to continue to work:
· To increase awareness of the risks of corruption
· To promote that more and more entities cooperate in the fight against corruption
· To ensure that collective efforts against corruption are as effective as possible

In our initiative "Together Against Corruption" - we continue to showcase examples, and support all serious actors in the work against corruption.



Since 2014, AmCham Sweden, IMM and TI Sweden have worked together to gather private and public entities in a positive cooperation against corruption. "Together Against Corruption" is a platform for sharing best practices, raising awareness, and supporting the efforts of all the work in progress in this initiative.

To maximise awareness, we are devoting a full day during Almedalen to discuss the efforts being made against corruption. Everyone who is interested in the subject is welcome to attend. 

The initiative is coordinated and organized by AmCham Sweden, IMM and TI Sweden.


Since 1923, the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute has promoted guidelines for the business community and society at large, and worked against the use of bribes and other improper benefits. The Institute's principals represent the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Federation, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) and the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF).

Transparency International Sweden is an independent non-profit organization that is part of the global Transparency International network. Transparency International Sweden spreads awareness about corruption propagation and its harmful effects. It also promotes increased transparency in both the public and private sectors.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, AmCham Sweden, was founded in 1992. Today, the association comprises more than 200 companies. Its primary objectives are to promote trade and investment between the United States and Sweden, and to promote US commercial interests in Sweden. In addition, many of our members have actively worked for decades against corruption as a result of the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which came into force in 1978.